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Confidential invoice discounting facility

An off-site integrated management accountancy service recently referred one of their clients to us to investigate a new Confidential Invoice Discount facility suitable for a multi-million turnover transport logistics company.

The client had been struggling to find a replacement invoice finance provider that could not only replace their existing facility, but, more importantly, offer a significant ‘over-lend’ to run alongside the monthly invoice finance.

We recognised this would be a good fit for one of our top-tier CID funders and began to prepare the proposal.

Within a matter of days, the funders’ Regional Director, aided by a senior manager, met with the accountant at his client’s company head office and spent the day progressing through the key early stages of addressing the requirement and issues at hand.

This level of commitment, and ability to really ‘listen’ to the client so they could work towards a common goal, quickly resulted in a winning tender and a hugely impressed and satisfied client.

Not only did the funder provide the £500,000 confidential invoice finance facility, with ‘over-lend’, but they also presented savings inherent to the monthly invoice finance charges, and bolted-on an extremely competitive asset finance package for future cap-ex.

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Confidential invoice discounting facility
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