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In the ever-evolving landscape of business finance, finding the right solution tailored to your unique needs is crucial. Recently, PFC Finance had the privilege of assisting a multi-million turnover transport logistics company through the complexities of obtaining a Confidential Invoice Discounting (CID) facility. This success story showcases not only our commitment to excellence but also the power of a well-structured CID or invoice factoring service in propelling business forward.

The Challenge: Find a Comprehensive Solution

A referral from an off-site integrated management accountancy service brought us the challenge of securing a CID facility for a transport logistics giant. The client, facing the need for a replacement invoice finance provider, was also seeking a substantial ‘over-lend’ to complement their monthly invoice finance. This complex requirement demanded a bespoke funding solution, and we were ready to deliver a finance solution that worked for the business.

Our Solution: Expertise in Action

Recognising the fit with one of our top-tier CID funders, we swiftly began preparing a proposal. Within days, the funders’ Regional Director and a senior manager were on-site, meeting with the accountant at the client’s company head office. This hands-on approach allowed us to address key requirements and issues promptly, showcasing our commitment to understanding the client’s needs thoroughly.

The Result: A Winning Tender and Satisfied Client

Our dedication and ability to listen to the client’s concerns and objectives quickly translated into a winning tender. The CID facility, totalling £500,000, including the desired ‘over-lend,’ was secured. Beyond that, we negotiated significant savings on the monthly invoice finance charges. To add value, we also arranged an extremely competitive asset finance package for the client’s future capital expenditures.

At PFC Finance, we understand that businesses are diverse, and their financial needs vary. To cater to a wide range of queries and ensure visibility, we cover an array of search terms related to our services. Here are some products and services that form part of our commitment to providing comprehensive business funding solutions:

  • Confidential Invoice Discounting facility
  • Business loans for tax debt
  • Corporate tax funding
  • VAT funding for businesses
  • 10-year business loans
  • Asset-backed finance
  • Business debt consolidation loans
  • Integrated business lending
  • Invoice discounting services
  • Long-term business loans
  • Recovery loan scheme
  • Reducing business funding costs
  • Secured business loans
  • Working capital finance

Connecting with PFC Finance

If you’re navigating the complexities of business finance or seeking tailored solutions like Confidential Invoice Discounting, PFC Finance is here to guide you. Our success in securing a CID facility for the transport logistics company is just one example of our commitment to delivering results. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and explore how we can empower your business to thrive.

Remember, at PFC Finance, it’s not just about finance; it’s about your success.

The Success of Confidential Invoicing
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