Empowering Logistics and Warehousing Companies

Navigating the financial landscape can be a daunting task, especially for logistics and warehousing companies with diverse finance needs. At PFC Finance, we understand the unique challenges these businesses face, and our commitment to finding innovative solutions shines through in our latest success story as we unravel the tale of a Logistics and Warehousing Company that sought our assistance after a successful marketing campaign.

Finance Challenges for a £15M Revenue Group

With a combined group revenue of £15 million, this client approached PFC Finance with an array of finance requirements. However, a distinctive hurdle stood in the way – the ownership of the entire group rested on the shoulders of a single shareholder. The owner, while steering a thriving group of companies, was unwilling to provide director guarantees in support of finance endeavours. 

Innovative Solutions Without Guarantees

Enter Jason, our financial maestro, who swiftly addressed the initial challenge of a six-figure VAT bill. Impressively, this was accomplished without recourse to a director guarantee, showcasing PFC Finance’s commitment to providing flexible and innovative solutions. Emboldened by this success, Jason continued to secure additional vital finance for the client, ranging from asset finance to working capital loans – each time, circumventing the need for a guarantee.

Building Trust and Strong Relationships

At PFC Finance, we understand the importance of trust and relationship-building in the financial sector. Jason’s ability to establish a robust working relationship with the group’s Financial Director and owner played a pivotal role in the continued success of our collaboration. This trust has extended beyond individual transactions, with Jason now undertaking the task of replacing the client’s current invoice finance facility.

The success story of this Logistics and Warehousing Company exemplifies PFC Finance’s dedication to providing tailored solutions without the need for director guarantees. Our financial expert, Jason, has navigated through various finance requirements, from addressing a significant VAT bill to securing asset finance and working capital loans. The trust established with the client’s leadership is a testament to our commitment to building lasting relationships. If you’re a logistics and warehousing company seeking innovative finance solutions, explore the possibilities with PFC Finance – where we turn challenges into success stories without the need for director guarantees.

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