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In the world of plant machinery components manufacturing, the journey to financial stability can be as intricate as the components themselves. At PFC Finance, we recently encountered a particularly challenging case that exemplifies the hurdles faced by businesses in this industry. Today, we’re sharing this success story to shed light on how we navigated through obstacles, secured funding, and empowered a components manufacturer to grow and expand.

The Challenge: Overseas Investment and Funding Struggles

Our client, a components manufacturer for plant machinery, was referred to us by their accountant. Their primary struggle was securing funding from traditional banks after rejecting their funding applications. The ownership structure of the business added an extra layer of complexity – an equal split between UK-based directors and an overseas investment company. This unique composition proved to be a stumbling block when it came to obtaining the much-needed financial support.

Overcoming the Hurdle of Diluted Liability

One of the significant challenges we faced was the diluted liability caused by the overseas investment company’s involvement. Traditional lenders were wary, viewing the foreign entity as a potential risk. However, at PFC Finance, we thrive on finding innovative solutions to unusual financial challenges to come up with the best business funding solutions.

Our Approach: Highlighting UK Strength and Director Expertise

To address the diluted liability concern, we strategically presented the case, emphasizing the strength of the UK part of the company. We showcased the expertise and capabilities of the UK-based directors, highlighting their deep understanding of the industry and proven track record. By showcasing the robustness of the local operation, we successfully made the case that the business was a sound investment opportunity, deserving of financial support.

The Breakthrough: Working Capital Loan and Beyond

Our first triumph came in the form of a working capital loan. Importantly, this achievement was secured without imposing any liability on the overseas entity. This initial success marked the beginning of a fruitful funding relationship.

Empowering Growth: Beyond Working Capital

Since that pivotal moment, we’ve continued to support our client in various financial endeavours. Recognising their potential for growth and expansion, we facilitated additional funding for their VAT bills and development goals. This ongoing collaboration has provided the company with the financial flexibility needed to seize opportunities and propel their business forward.

Seizing Opportunities for Growth

At PFC Finance, we understand that the success of businesses in the components manufacturing sector relies heavily on access to timely and tailored funding solutions. Our commitment is to empower businesses to overcome financial challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

A Testament to Innovative Finance Solutions

This success story is a testament to our dedication to finding innovative finance solutions for businesses in the components manufacturing sector. By navigating through the complexities of ownership structures and addressing concerns related to overseas investments, we’ve enabled our client to not only overcome financial challenges but also to thrive and expand in their industry.

If you’re a components manufacturer for plant machinery facing funding challenges, PFC Finance is here to help you navigate the path to financial success. Contact us today to explore personalized financing solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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