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All businesses should have access to readily available cash. As the saying goes; “revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king.” Whilst your business can be making profit, there will always be spikes in the year, from exceptional VAT bills to slow debtors. Shortages of capital can hinder your business decisions, which in turn could be detrimental to overall profit. However, don’t panic if this fund is yet to exist in your business, because that’s where we come in.

We know that readily available cash is not always possible for businesses and that it also doesn’t necessarily reflect the company’s financial stability. That’s why we’re always on hand to discuss your capital options.

In 2016, a British Business Bank survey was published showing that 60% of organisations had sought external funding between 2013 and 2016, with the majority of subsidies needed to help with working cash flow and to purchase fixed assets. But, if you’re still unsure as to why you may need a readily available cash fund, we thought we’d explain in more detail.

  • To help with cash flow

Working Capital loans are an ideal product to assist with companies looking to balance short term essential trading with the available balance of their business bank account. The working capital loan can be used to fund additional staff, trade through a slow-down in sales, pitch for new projects or provide a buffer before an expected large invoice is paid.

  • To purchase fixed assets

Purchasing fixed assets is having the cash available to purchase new items such as vehicles, technology or machinery (depending on the industry area). By being able to take advantage of such opportunities, the business can grow. Despite the initial costs, these purchases can be a long term investment, but of course, money is needed to make the purchase in the first place.

We offer both asset finance and refinancing options, which covers all types of equipment in many different sectors. With the option for seasonal repayments or deferred VAT, we have an asset loan to suit every business out there.

  • For emergencies

Life is full of ‘what if’s?’ and unfortunately at times, it may be that the business is negatively affected. With our contacts of over 50 lenders, access to finance is more available than ever, and as a result, emergencies become much less of a concern. We can provide finance agreements in less than 24 hours, meaning that any disasters that do arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps you’ve been hit with an exceptional VAT bill? We have multiple lenders on the panel who offer short term funding for SME VAT bills, many able to agree terms and release funds in one day.

Whether you want to grow your business but currently don’t have the funds, or if you need a short-term monetary resolution, don’t let a lack of accessible money stop you from moving forwards, because here at PFC, we have the access to Capital. So while cash may be considered king, external funding takes the throne. Take a look at our website to see the extent of the loans we offer or alternatively, drop one of our advisors a call on: 01829 238 007.


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